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Remaster [ ree-mas-ter, -mah-ster ]
Verb (used with object)
1 To make a new master tape or record from an old master tape, usually to improve the fidelity of an old recording.


Armor Alley: Remastered is a modern, browser-based version of an 8-bit Mac + PC game.

Armor Alley™ was released for Macintosh and IBM PC® and 100% compatible computers around 1990.

The gameplay is a real-time strategy format: you fly a helicopter and build and escort convoys, with the goal of getting a van to the enemy base. Meanwhile, the enemy is doing the same.

You can play the game at in a modern desktop or mobile browser.


Game features:

Ground Units

These are inventory items you order, and build convoys with.


There are a number of structures to be found on the battlefield, serving different needs.

Airborne Elements

Guides, Strategy, Tips + Tricks

The game has a built-in tutorial which introduces the controls, units and game mechanics.

There is also an extensive YouTube video which covers most aspects of the game. Below are timestamp links to key chapters.

Tutorial videos: desktop · mobile

Overview: Game logistics, "Cake Walk" level demo

Network / multiplayer: Starting a network game

Level Editor: how to create your own level

“Virtual Stupidity”

It's a bit of a long story, but there is an extra—and optional—theme available for the "MTV" generation.

Version History

Latest: V2.0.20230501: 10th Anniversary "Remastered" Edition.

For the details of the current release, see on GitHub. For the full history, see CHANGELOG.txt.

For a look at the first release from 2013, see the original write-up.


If you're new to Armor Alley, I hope that you find it both fun and challenging. For some, it may be both a distant and fond memory.

I played the hell out of this game as a kid, and I knew that I wasn't alone: “Y'know something that never gets old? …Nostalgia.”

A few kind words from YouTube commenters over time:

Source Code

This is an open-source project. You can see how the sausage is made–for better or worse–at


Comments, bug reports, and feedback are welcome via GitHub, or (yes, really.)